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Welcome to the Hague Southwest Thesis Hub!

The educational program of Leiden-Delft-Erasmus universities actively connects with practice and policy. Student research is linked to concrete challenges in The Hague Southwest. We collaborate with various stakeholders such as the municipality of The Hague, housing corporations, local neighborhood professionals, and residents of The Hague Southwest. Watch the video to quickly learn more about us!

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driehoekOur vision

The vision of the thesis workshop in The Hague Southwest is to strengthen the connection between education, research, practice, and policy and to make higher education have a relevant impact in today's world. This is achieved by bringing together the universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam with the people from the community in The Hague Southwest and the municipality of The Hague. Collaboration based on a win-win situation is paramount. The thesis workshop aims to be a knowledge hub for The Hague Southwest; like a 'roost' where students may come and go, but the acquired knowledge remains available for stakeholders and future students engaging in research.

The main goals of the The Hague Southwest Thesis Hub are:

To establish a sustainable, reciprocal connection between the LDE universities and the municipality of The Hague, as well as the residents and community professionals of The Hague Southwest. This is accomplished by creating ways for everyone to contribute issues and collaboratively shape the research process. It is important that this collaboration is respectful, honest, and reciprocal, with co-creation as the foundation.

To enable students to conduct relevant research and projects that are significant for The Hague Southwest, and to provide them with experience in a context-rich learning environment that they can apply in the future. The goal is to encourage students to further develop their personal, context-sensitive, and social skills beyond their comfortable academic setting.

The thesis workshop aims to be a valuable partner as an educational program for the municipality of The Hague, housing associations, community organizations, and especially for the residents of The Hague Southwest. The focus is on expanding networks, collaboration, and shared ownership of knowledge among the LDE universities, residents, and other societal stakeholders.

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